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17' Revival - Rally Club Valpantena was a spectacular celebration of Rallying set in the stunning countryside of Valpantena Verona - Italy. This years event was a tribute to the amazing Lancia 037 and a total of six cars entered in various livery designs including the classic Martini Racing, K-sport and Grifone. Other cars entered included Group B legends the Peugeot 205 T16, Audi Quattro  and Opel Manta 400.


Both Howie and Anthony attended the event and  encountered torrential rain on

day one but dry clear skies on day two. The guys also met up with an old friend

Roberto Gnudi who is an Italian based motorsport photographer.


This event was also the original inspiration for our Italian looking 569 brand. For

more images of the Italian adventure click here.                

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