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569 Media car

The recent opportunity to buy Richard Burns / Robert Reeds actual Peugeot 206 WRC car could only be a dream at a starting price of a cool quarter of a million, 569 media settled for a good friends tribute car. The vehicle was created and wrapped to celebrate the 30th Year Reunion of the Peugeot Challenge 1989, the championship Richard and Robert won. I’m not going to use the word “replica” because it is a long way short having been up close to the real car but hopefully it will bring a smile to a few faces at motoring events across the UK.

Tonys pug1.jpg
Tonys pug2.jpg

Where you may see the car 

Plans for the car are to do various display events and perhaps all going well the occasionally run at some non competitive events such as Race Retro and similar demo type events. Work to make the car more usable is also underway and our friends at GwynneSpeed are busy making wheel clearance alterations along with gearbox upgrades.    

sleeve2 569MM web.png

CAGED - but not for long! 

Hard work continues on the car thanks to the guys at Gwynne Speed. So far the car is on track and the wide track alterations are going well. Time to find more period correct spoked alloys and a more suitable gearbox. Huge thanks to Mat Wheeler who is the driving force behind the project.  

IMG_6785 (2).jpg

Out for the first show of 2022

Photographed here at the fabulous Bicester Heritage facility. The We are Scramblers team hosted a rally themed event for a chat and coffee.


The car now looks noticeably different with new Speedline 18s, glass headlights and the 569 grill. More upgrades still to be addressed, especially the rear spoiler!   

speedline logo png.png
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