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Rally Legend Luso Bussaco 2022

Once again, the European rally scene delivers a fabulous event packed with classic cars. Held in the picturesque hills of Portuguese town of Luso Bussaco the three-day rally started with an evening Special stage.


The star of the show was without doubt Frank and Lauren Kelly in the Millington powered MKII Ford Escort called Baby Blue. Never failing to disappoint the crowd, Frank had the Escort sideways on every corner and added doughnuts on the wider hairpins!     


rally-legends-buçaco copy.png

A sunset photoshoot.

The event running late into the night gave Anthony the opportunity to try new camera techniques. Panning fast cars directly into the sun was going to be a challenge.


This fabulous Talbot Sunbeam was taken on a tight hairpin and hilltop crest. One of our favourite shots of the rally.  


Four sprung duck! 

People often say the golden era of rallying was the mid 1980's and iconic Group B. The regulations fostered some of the fastest, most powerful, and most sophisticated rally cars ever built However, a series of major accidents, some of them fatal, meant the notorious group was blamed on their outright speed coupled with the lack of crowd control at events. Group B however can still be seen at non competitive events such as rally Legend and other fabulous events across Europe. 


Stewart and Brian only just managed to recover the car from Portuguese customs following rally Madira, sadly a mechanical issue forced an early retirement.        

V6 Alfa powered RITMO 

Legend rally car builder and driver Mick Covill with 569's very own Howie Fowler in the V6 Alfa powered rear wheel drive Fiat Strada (Ritmo). A faultless rally from start to finish saw the pair run each stage just ahead of Frank Kelly. No pressure guys!!!       

IMG_6109 E11.jpg


Popular North West driver Stephen Chamberlain and local Spanish navigator Sonia Montilla on the final mountain stage. The outstanding Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI TM also ran without a fault but to be fair the service crew Stephen had arranged was world class and probably on par with any WRC team service. In true rallying spirit, Stephen rescued the day and helped out Mick and Howie was an spare intercom helmet cable.       

Porsche 00

Porsche and rallying may not be everyone's first choice but trust me, once you've experienced that first car slide sideways with grace and power, you'll be hooked. This events 00 car was a stunning 911 and it was driven as it was designed to.  

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