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Red Dragon I.T Stages 2022


This single stage event was organised by the EMCOS team and held in Memory of the Motor Clubs own chairman Rick Neale. Proudly sponsored by Red Dragon IT the Down Anpney airfield would offer ten grueling stages and be a brutal test for cars and competitors. 

The entry list of around 75 with some interesting cars including this stunning Gp A Escort Cosworth driven my EMCOS member Gareth Hurford-Jones and co-driver Richard Goring. Sadly mechanical failure meant the car was retired but fingers crossed we get to see this one again very soon.


Also in the field was an apparent ex Petter Solberg Subaru Impreza and for the majority of the stages looked to be pushing the leaders hard. Once again the harsh Down Ampney stage took another retirement. 

Mainly dry with a few damp patches.

Glorious sunshine and no R5 cars entered in the event meant we may just see an unexpected winner. Perhaps one of the many fabulously prepared Ford Escorts could take the top spot on this event. Especially, as all the 4WD competition seemed to be dropping out thru various mechanical issues. 


Pictured here in the Shrek MKII and going well thru to stage 7 was Peter and James Hedges, but yet again a frustrating electrical fault ending all hope of a top finish. Never dampened by their misfortune the guys were happy to chat before recovery got them back to the service park.          


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Crash bang wallop what a picture.

Great to see a MK1 entered by Philip Ball from Stockport Motor club and local EMCOS member Martin Stembridge on the notes. Sponsored by Stembridge Photography the lads had an unfortunate end as their lovely car slid off at the end of the back straight.


Quickly recovered by the marshals the at first glance seemed to have escaped and damage but the trail of oil dripping from the engine bay saw yet another car out for the day!   

Brake dancing 

Local Down Ampney entrants Mat Wheeler and  Stu Jones in the fabulous Citroen C2 Max. This was a great battle to watch as the lads got quicker and quicker as the day went on. Sat second in class going into the final few stages the team found a nasty crack in the front left brake disk that would sadly force them to retire the car. 

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WHO Darrians WINS

Wayne Jones and Jonathan Davies of Lampeter MC in the Darrian GTR had a fabulous rally. The Welsh pair were quick off the mark from the first stage and winner eight of the ten stages. Despite a strong chasing pack the team took full advantage of the Darrian's performance and drove to a solid victory with a winning time of 1hr 19min 58 sec.


Despite the high number of retirements on the event, credit should go to the Wayne and Jonathan for a superb drive. 

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Winning Results by class

  • Class A - Car 24 Ashley Francis-Adams/ Justin Fowler-bishop time 1:27:40

  • Class B - Car 19 Joe Piggott / Rhys William Edwards time 1:26:09

  • Class C - Car 13 Daniel Jones / James Davies time 1:24:46

  • Class D - Wayne Jones / Jonathan Davies time 1:19:58 (overall winners)

  • Class E - Nigel Mee / John Fellowes time 1:26:07

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