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Peugeot 206 WRC Burns Tribute

The popular Peugeot 206 WRC Burns Tribute car was purchased by 569's Anthony almost a year ago. Over the summer Anthony and the guys at Gwynnespeed drew up plans to address various issues and improve the cars drivability and improve performance and much more. Commissioning the guys at Gwynnespeed was an easy decision said Anthony. The team have a proven record and are experts in wide track French rally cars such as the Saco and C2.  




Hinton in the Hedge Airfield.

The opportunity to test the 206 came with a  shakedown day at Hinton in the Hedge Airfield in North Oxfordshire. Logistics was going to be testing but Anthony managed to secure the use of his works car trailer and Howie provided the pulling power with his works Peugeot van. Mat and Julian from Gwynnespeed help with the spanners and car set up for what would be a rough day on a broken surface. 


After the first run Mat thankfully spotted a loose rear hub nut and made changes to tyre pressures. In true rally mechanic style the guys also checked over all the main components and fluids. The next two runs had the car showing some good performance and the handling was also surprisingly very good.


Photo credit to Richard Armon Motorsport Photography.        

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Tony Fowler.jpg

Future plans.

We need to address the rear axel issue. Ideally the axel should be adjusted approx. 1-2 inch rearwards and also lift the rear end about an inch! All sounds easy on paper but far from it.


Following this we hope to sort out a few more MOT issues and push the car forward to getting it on the road. However, it's never going to be a daily driver, making it road legal means we can enter other demo events that occasionally use the public roads.

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