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Heredore Rallying  

Owner Andrew Cooper is one of the nicest blokes you will meet in Rallying. Here he describes the feeling of driving the 1980's legendary Group B Tour de Corse Renault 5 Turbo.


“It's mind blowing to drive. You sit right in the middle and there’s so much feedback and spontaneity – you just touch the throttle and it tries to go 90 degrees to where you want it to!......“It is unbelievably twitchy, but also blisteringly quick – the short wheelbase and the engine’s position make it unstable and it will try to swap ends without warning.

IMG_7015 (2).JPG

Race Retro 

Reis Motorsport Insurance were the event main sponsor and they delivered in every way. Approx. 24,000 motorsport fans flocked to Stoneleigh park near Coventry. This years event had something for everyone. Classic racing cars on display, Rally cars everywhere and traders for parts and memorabilia. Pictured here is Andrew in the fabulous Tour de Corse Renault providing rally rides to fans on the shorter of the two stages running onthe day.    

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