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The event was in the planning for years but sadly following multiple COVID delays the long awaited festival was eventually put on the back burner. However, in August 2021 organizers Mick Covill and Warner Lewis finally got things underway at the service park in Telford and then eight wonderful stages held on Weston Park.


With over 50 cars entered, the event was open to the general public. Pictured here is Dave Kedward in his Group B Peugeot T16. Other favourites on show included a trio of Hawk (Lancia Stratos) replicas. 

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Dan Ellmore auto-plas 6R4 Metro

We've had the pleasure of knowing Dan for a number of years now. Part of the Rallying History team he plays an important role in planning various rally and demo events throughout the UK. His passion for the 6R4 car has also unofficially given him the name of Mr. 6R4 and recently Dan has been involved in TV shows Car SOS and Top Gear.   

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Star drivers 

British rallying star Louise Aitken-Walke MBE in a Peugeot 205. Louise’s career began in 1979 when she was entered in Ford’s ‘Find a Lady Rally Driver’ competition, without her knowledge, by her two brothers and was a winner from 2000 entrants. It spanned fourteen years up to 1993 when she retired to have a family. During those years she was the first woman to win a National Rally outright, survived a horrific crash in Portugal and became the first, ever British driver to win a world title – FIA Ladies World Rally Champion.

Autosport - National Rally Driver of the Year1987

Segrave Trophy in 1990


Fighting FIN

Finnish driver Harri Toivonen was out throwing the Mitsubishi sideways and entertaining the crowds. Harri arrived with a full service crew and had a swagger like a WWF wrestler entering the ring!

The legendry name is normally always associated with Harri's brother Henri Toivonen who sadly lost his life in the days of Group B rallying on the Tour de Corse rally in Corsica. His American co-driver, Sergio Cresto, also died when their Lancia Delta S4 plunged down a ravine and exploded.  



The driving force - Warner Lewis

Warner has rallying in his blood. From a young age he followed in his fathers footsteps and a long rallying journey from the 60's to the current day. Probably best known today for his Worcestershire based rally preparation services on Toyota Celica's Warner will build and run cars for clients, he also manages the Rallying History group and was the driving force in planning and running the Historic Rally event at Weston Park.  

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