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Rallye Festival Hoznayo 2022

As Rally Festivals go, this has to be one of the best across Europe. A fabulous mix of classic and modern rally cars including some iconic Group B Audi's, a Peugeot 206 World Rally Car and an original Lancia stratos, topped with a current WRC team boss and full Toyota support crew.


Huge thanks to the organizers and sponsors ADELMA for a superb week in glorious Northern Spain. 



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UK based crews in the 2022 event.


  • Ellis Mendelson and Chris Kirkham in the Martini Lancia Delta Integrale (pictured right)

  • Trevor and James Hancock in the Triumph TR8

  • Paul Davies and Paul Bevan also in a fabulous Martini Lancia Delta Integrale 16V

  • Mick Covill and Howie Fowler in the Fiat Strada RITMO Alfa powered V6 (top seed)

  • Steward Bowes and Brian Jukes in a Audi Quattro S1E2

  • Warner Lewis and Graham Capper in the Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD

  • Steve Harkness and and Paul Sanders in the BMW M3

  • Stephen Chamberlain and Sonia Montilla in the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI TM

  • Mike Barratt and Andy Hall in a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

  • Nigel Hepburn and Allan Wilson in stunning a Vauxhall Chevette      


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Stars on show and taking part

Another delight for rally fans was the current Toyota WRC team boss and former world chamionship driver Jari-Matti Latvala. Not only taking part but freely wandering around the service park and chatting with crews and spectators.


Jari and co-driver Juho Hanninen drove a Toyota Celica GT4 ST165 and was definitely out to entertain the crowds. Pictured here during the gathering at the beach side parkade with the Spanish Lancia Stratos driver Xavier PIÑA.          


Mick and Howie - What Ladder

Mick Covill and 569's own Howie Fowler in the V6 Alfa powered rear wheel drive Fiat Strada (Ritmo). Other than a broken handbrake cable during shakedown the car ran faultless for the entire event. This was the first of many events Howie is planning with Mick in 2022. Pictured here on the final mountain stage the lads had a wonderful rally. Rumour has it they are planning next years event in Micks finished Lancia Delta S4 recreation. In the meantime, look out for them in Rally History Festival 2022 at Weston Park.      

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Popular North West driver Stephen Chamberlain and local Spanish navigator Sonia Montilla on the final mountain stage. The outstanding Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI TM also ran without a fault but to be fair the service crew Stephen had arranged was world class and probably on par with any WRC team service. In true rallying spirit, Stephen rescued the day and helped out Mick and Howie was an spare intercom helmet cable.       


Group B rally cars

People often say the golden era of rallying was the mid 1980's and iconic Group B. The regulations fostered some of the fastest, most powerful, and most sophisticated rally cars ever built However, a series of major accidents, some of them fatal, meant the notorious group was blamed on their outright speed coupled with the lack of crowd control at events. Group B however can still be seen at non competitive events such as rally Legend and here at the Rallye Festival Hoznayo. 

Providing the UK's token Group B car was North East based Stewart Bowes in a Audi Quattro S1E2 (shorty). The 5 year project normally only seen on European rallies was one of three S1E2's on show. Sadly a clutch problem forced Stewart and co-driver Brian out after day one. Nevertheless it was great to chat with the guys who incidentally raced against each other in Rally Cross for many years.   

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SERVICE with a smile

Keeping the cars on stage were a trio of Welsh mechanical wizards Jez, Sparky and Alwyn. The lads normally look after fellow Welshman Paul Davies beautiful red martini Lancia delta but on this particular event they offered a welcomed supporting hand to all UK crews. Clutch changes, drive shafts all in a days work for these guys. If you're looking for service support or hire a fully prepared rally car check out Jez's company



FINA Beema 

It was all looking good for Steve Harkness and and Paul Sanders in the stunning FINA Oils BMW M3 until the guys reported a clutch issue returning from the beach parade. A busy night ahead for mechanic Alwyn from ZAKHAM Engineering and despite every effort to resolve the clutch the guys sadly missed out on day one of the rally. Day two however saw the mighty M3 back out and in true style Steve entertained the crowds getting the car sideways. 

Sadly with more mechanical issues the guys had little choice but to retired the car before the final mountain stage.  

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Trevor's mighty V8 ROVER

No mechanical issues for Trevor Hancock in the fabulous Rover TR8 but registered co-driver Joanne Watson falling ill almost saw the rally end early after shakedown, however Trevor's son James holding a clubman navigator licence was able to step in and take over the left hand seat reading Joanne's pace notes. 


The father and son pair finished the event in flying (red white and blue British Leyland) colours! Well done lads.   

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REPSOL in Spain

Warner and Graham in the popular REPSOL liveried 4WD Toyota Celica Turbo had the Spanish crowds very excited. The Toyota made famous by the double world champion and Spanish Rally Legend Carlos Sainz.


Encountering head gasket trouble after day one the guys sadly retired the car before blowing the motor. Warner who runs Lewis Rally Sport a specialist rally car preparation company in Worcester will be out with the car soon and you will inevitably see him running the Rallying History Festival 2022 in Weston Park, UK later this year.  

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Martini, shaken and well serviced.

The Welsh duo of Paul Davies and Paul (Bev) Bevan in the fabulous Red Martini Lancia Delta Integrale had a great rally but not without a few mechanical hiccups. 

Clutches seemed to be a common problem on many cars following the shakedown stage but Jez and Sparky soon had 16 valve Lancia's replaced. They also had an annoying 'leek' but that was nothing to do with the car! 

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At first you could be mistaken for seeing double with another beautiful Talbot Sunbeam on show driven by Oxfordshire based Mike Barratt and co-driver Andy Hall. The  iconic lotus powered car would not miss a beat for the entire rally and they finished strong on the final mountain stage.       


Reading the entry list and seeing Nigel Hepburn's name we all assumed his fabulous 6R4 Metro was repaired and back up and running. But Nigel had other plans and another pony in his stable in the way of an immaculate Group 4 (DTV) Dealer Team Vauxhall Chevette. Sadly Nigel and Allen retired with mechanical issues. 

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