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RallyNuts Stages 2021


The popular RallyNuts event was held in and around the Welsh town of Builth Wells with the service area at the Royal Welsh Showground. A strong line up of over 120 cars and a great mixture of modern and historic classes.


Howie and Anthony both attended by kind approval of Matt Cotton the event media officer. Armed with our official Motorsport UK media tabards and not forgetting risk assessments to highlight which corner we would be stood, the lads had an early 06:00 start to arrive at SweetLamb Motorsport complex for SS2.     


Rallying back in the Welsh forests.

Sweetlamb SS2 was the location the lads chose for a mixed bag of classic rallying images. The iconic MKII in the forest roads and also sweeping long corners across of the moorland. This stage also offered the famous water splash at the start and the spectator approved event attracted a good crowd.

The R5 cars seem to make easy work of the loose gravel, on and off the power these 4WD cars popped and banged over the deep ruts! The 2WD cars on the other hand found the going a little bit more tricky. Pictured here is Ben Friend and Cliffy Simmons in the AllGlass MKII.              


IMG_5502 (2).JPG
IMG_6033 (2).JPG

Welsh rarebit.

The limited number of stage meant we could stay at the Sweetlamb complex and see the entire field a number of times. The morning shoot was a long walk of around 3miles to the Old Mines and then further into the stage  to the edge of the forest. The afternoon session we made camp at the water splash and jump and spent quality time chatting with marshals and fellow photographers.


The overall event winners were Elliott Payne and Patrick Walsh in their Ford Fiesta R5.


Special thanks to MRF tyres for the free bobble hats! and the Red Lion Country pub, they serve a cracking surf and turf!        

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