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Classic Nostalgia 2022

The event was held at the famous Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb and was filled with race and rally cars of all ages. No surprise the rally cars were the main attraction for 569 media and the added bonus having previously met a hand full of owners or custodians for better words of these iconic cars.


Organisers of the magnificent collection of Ralli22 cars was Steve Davies and fellow Northerner David Nicholson who also makes a cracking brew!      


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Whale of a time. 

Leaving Fairford for the 90 minutes journey Anthony chose not to take the 206 Burns car to this event. It would be like taking your school project into class when you haven't been asked he thought! This didn't stop a few but with much more worthy cars.

With a Media tabard collected Anthony wondered around the paddock for those early morning shots with cars parked under those famous wooded service bays. One car that never fails to look fabulous is John Pecks stunning Bastos liveried Ford Escort Cosworth.   


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The event was, as expected, a timed competition and therefore rally cars also endured the usual motorsport scrutineering. Despite a less invasive process for hills climbs the on site Ralli22 scrutineer Rob ensured all cars were safe to run.


Not sure Shelsley's noise tester's ears have stopped ringing after Mick Strafford ran his V8 space rocket! and somehow Mick always seems to pass!    



Boys racers dream Cossie

A new car on the Rall22 circuit, well for us anyway. Mark McClelland's fabulous Ford Escort Cosworth. The car has an interesting history and we believe was once owned by a bloke called Malcom Wilson. Now in impeccable condition the cossie is very much a crowd pleaser and probably every boy racers dream car.


Hats off to Mark who trailered the car all the way down from Scotland. It was also a pleasure meeting him and his family.  

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Gallery of Ralli22 cars

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