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Lombard RAC

Tim's Vision is to bring back Lombard to rallying and to recreate part of what the Lombard RAC Rally stood for in the 1970's and 1980's. Quote 'We wanted to recreate the opportunity to drive some long lost rally stages in rally cars, or even classic cars, that might have taken part in that iconic rally and to bring those cars back to areas that had not seen rally cars, often for many years'.

The newly formed Lombard RAC Rally - The event is the brainchild of Tim Nash, who rallied in the seventies and competed in three Lombard's. The 569 media team have built a strong relationship with Tim over the years and regularly support a number of his events. This years Lombard starts on 18th Oct from Bath Race Course and offers fabulous spectator viewing at Cirencester Park and Celtic Manor. The 2019 event is advertised using some classic Lombard images taken back in the 80's by Howie and recent ones in 2019 by Anthony.

For more information and a full entry list visit Lombard Rally Bath here

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